Best Beaches To Visit in Raja Ampat Papua

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the-beauty-of-raja-ampatRaja Ampat island encountered to be one of dreamy destination area which quite popular among almost whole travelers in Indonesia, mostly for those who enthusiast to maritime journey traveling, and this to be best beautiful offers from East Indonesia. Raja Ampat likely to be part of most beautiful destination of maritime-considered place which makes anyone who capable to visit this would be kindly greater achievement ever and almost of whole travelers that visit Raja Ampat having same goal of having best adventure under sea life through snorkeling or diving, while some are spend moment relaxing on beach enjoying surrounds.

Anyhow it wont be that difficult to find beautiful beach over Raja Ampat, in case you are about to travel to Raja Ampat for looking kind of beach reference which suitable to be visited of, wont that hard much, here some of beaches you should to consider properly :


1. Waisai Torang Cinta Beach
The atmosphere over this beach is likely to that in Losari beach, Makassar also Ancol in Jakarta, since this beach located over Raja Ampat area, definitely this beach will pampering every traveler by different magnificent vies, the Waisai Torang Cinta or popular as WTC beache located in Raja Ampat district of Waisai. By year of 2014 this beach become the main visit of Raja Ampat sail, the beach looks wonderful by its features of park over beach side that will delighting the travelers for enjoying the town by different way, the palm trees that grown around quite amazing to make the beach looks fabulous more.

2. Waiwo Beach
From Waisai, travelers can continue up to Waiwo beach, the journey can be made up from road or sea through boat, in about of 7 minutes boat-ride to reach this beach exactly. The Waiwo beach offering such calm and relaxed white sand plus calming waves, the wild green lush and forest will welcoming each traveler to spend wonderful journey there, plus there is unique bridge which can be taken as best spot for photographs also Waiwo dive resort available there to fulfill every different desire of the traveler.

3. Cemara Beach
Not too far from Waiwo Beach, there is another beautiful beach to consider too, the Cemara beach ready to surprise traveler by its smooth white beach sand aside of its magnificent view and a very remote area to be reached. Around of this beach, traveler can enjoying simple traditional huts that quite special and most of visitors are demand to spend nights there by stay over huts. The Cemara Beach would be suitable place for travelers who would like to spend moment by enjoying calming waves while wipe eyes around adorable surround views.

4. Yeben Beach
Another consideration is the Yeben Beach, which named likely as its Island, The Yeben beach also offering wonderful spots where people can not forget, nobody could never describe how beautiful this beach is. Everybody could watch fish right from, without need to spend inside through dive or snorkeling, and for reaching this place, travelers need to take up to 1,5 hours right from Cemara beach in Waisai.

5. Arborek Beach
The Arborek beach kind of beach that located over Arborek Island’s destination village, something you are about to gain from this special village for sure. The Arborek is small island that quite stunning in about 1 hour right from Waisai and almost whole of this island having wonderful white beach sand. Calming waves also being offered here, enjoying windy breeze beach during sand walks would quite relaxing.