Best Time to Invest in a Dive Trip in Raja Ampat?

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wayagreefsHowever the best time to visit Raja Ampat topside can be different. I believe the best time to dive is also when there is sunshine, little rain, calm seas, and light to zero wind (so no choppy seas).

In my 16 years of taking small groups to dive in Raja Ampat, the most reliable time to enjoy seas like a mirror; nights with the sea so calm we don’t know the ship is moving; easy boarding of the dive tenders and gentle rides to the dive sites has been in the mid-October to mid- December time period.

Mid-June to mid-September can have ferocious winds and therefore horizontal rain. Most of the liveaboards pull out of Raja Ampat during that season and locate themselves in other areas where the weather will likely be nicer. Even many of the resorts in Raja Ampat and the Moluccas close during that period of time. Perhaps if they could move too, they would do it in those months!

If you can only take your holiday in June-Sep. other parts of Indonesia can be a better choice.

That said, one of the advantages of Raja Ampat over other dive destinations is that there is always someplace interesting that is diveable. Years ago I did a couple of dive trips to locations where the weather was bad and it completely eliminated any possibility of diving. BTDT. Never again!