Reasons You Should Visit the Raja Ampat Islands

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raja-ampat1Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia, which has places that are very beautiful. You have to see for yourself the beauty of the Bali island and the Raja Ampat islands. You will never regret it if you go sightseeing there.

Raja Ampat is located off the north-west tip of the island in a place known as the bird’s head peninsula, an island paradise in Eastern Indonesia. It is a part of the newly named West Papua Province of Indonesia. The origin of the name of Raja Ampat (Four Kings) according to local myth came from a woman who found seven eggs. Four grains of them hatched into four princes who separated and each of them became a king who powered in Waigeo, Salawati, East Misool, and West Misool. You can only imagine how majestic these islands are to be called kings.
Let me tell you reasons you should visit the secret island paradise of Indonesia, Raja Ampat. If you wish for unbelievable and unforgettable travel experience throughout your lifetime, read this article.

Raja Ampat is a great tour destination to visit. If there is a tour destination you must visit at least once in a lifetime, Raja Ampat is one of them. You will never regret. Raja Ampat has to be at the top of most Indonesian backpackers travel a list. It is the one of the greatest destinations for the diver from around the world and one of the last hidden paradises. Raja Ampat has the fascinating beauty for everyone.
The other obvious thing to do is go diving or snorkelling. You can swim with Manta Rays, watch dolphins and see thousands of beautiful and colorful fishes welcoming you under the sea. It was not just enough. There are Over 1,200 fish species and 75% of all known coral species in the world you can find while diving. Do not miss as well observing busy small fishes keeping their territory back and forth. If you are lucky it might be able to swim together with sea turtles.
Raja Ampat being called, “heaven for divers.” The island is considered as the best spot of diving by divers worldwide. Raja Ampat is a dream destination for many diving enthusiasts. The waters of Raja Ampat Island according to various sources, is one of the 10 best waters for the diving sites around the world. Underwater lovers from around the world come to Raja Ampat to enjoy the best marvelous underwater scenery.



Fascinating Sunset. When evening came, orange tinge appeared from the sky of Raja Ampat. Set in a peaceful sea and coconut trees, the sun slowly down from his pedestal. Another more beautiful, Raja Ampat’s sunset will seem perfectly reflected through a dead-water sea. This is a natural phenomenon that can amaze tourists staying in Raja Ampat.


Cliffs look like a human face. Here it is the other ‘miracle’ that tourists can discover while, in Raja Ampat, the cliff looks like a human face. These cliffs can be found in the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai. This cliff shaped like a human face. There are indentations cliffs forming the eyes, nose, lip. The face is formed like a man closed his eyes. Really looks like a human face. Cool!


The formation gorgeous coral island makes you can experience a different island every time. Pianemo and Wayag also become other natural wonders that exist in Raja Ampat. This is a cluster of atolls that form the beautiful formations. It is so amazing, coral island formation is already well-known to foreign countries. The most iconic thing to do in Raja Ampat besides the diving is climbing the peak of Wayag islands.
The forests of Raja Ampat are also a paradise for many protected rare birds.Birdwatchers will find plenty to do in Raja Ampat with all the birds of paradise to be seen. Sawinggrai Village is a great place to see them.