Thank you for a great birdwatching trip!

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001.Bird Trip on January 2015
Waigeo Birding Testimonial 2015
5 Days – 4 Nights Raja Ampat & Sorong Low Land Birding Tour (14-18 January 2015)
Mr. Alexander Ellesar Yates & Mrs. Terhi Hannele Majanen


Hi Benny,.
First, thanks for birding together a very good birding
tour in west papua!
Terhi and I really enjoyes ourselves and it we can manage it we would
be keen to come back.
Below are a few thought on our viit and the tour your put together.

1).E-mail comumunication:
From the first note I sent to you in October I got a very proffesional
feeling from you. I really appreciated how responsive you were, both
as I booked the trip and in the days leading up to our pick up in

2). Pick up/Ferry Transfer:
This was all handled excellently. All pick-ups were prompt, and the
Sorong – Waisai ferry was easy and comfortable. Would recommend this
to any other travelers as an easy and convenient option.

3). Birding from Waigeo:
The days spent birding around waiigeo was great and i think the
itinerary you put together here was great. It was good to combine both
the Wilsons BOP & Red BOP into one day.
The resort in waisai was also comfortable and i think quite suitable
for birdirs.

4).Birding from Sorong:
This was possibly our favorite part of the trip. The lowland forest
outside of sorong and Stunning and the birding is out of this world.
It we could have changed anything about this trip. I would have added
even more time in sorong to get more targets and spend more time in
these woods.
The Belagri hotel in sorong is also very very comfortable. Also, the
day-long itinerary was very nicely designed, including the lunch stop
by the bay.

5).Your Team:
One of the things I was most impressed with was your professional
curtious team. Everyone was a pleasure to travel with. Bith drivers in
waisai and sorong were Very good. We would highly recommend that you
use them again. They were very safe drivers and very cautions around
animals in the road.
Dell & Echo were also great and always pleasure to be around. Winner
in particular is an outstanding spotter and with some more study and
experience has the potential ti become a truly excellent bird guide.

Out only constructive feedback about the team is that 5 people might
be a bit much for just 2 birders and while were really appreciated how
prepared everybody was Terhy and I would have been happy with just
bread and fruit for lunch. Don’t forget that most birders are
adventerous travelers! J

6).Constructive Feedback:
The only piece of constructive feedback, I can ottiv about this very
good trip is that it would have been nice to do more than just 2 full
days of birding in a 4 nights trip. I would suggest you investigate
other sit’s around sorong that can be done in two-four hours for
afternoon or morning birding. Also you should be careful about the
trip itinerary that you send out. Our itinerary indicated a morning
trip on the 14th, and we were looking forward to one more chance to
try and see the paradise kingfisher. It was a little dissapointing to
instead just spend half of the day in the hyotel. This was not very
big deal, but other birdirs/tourist might react more to this.
But overall this was a very succesfull trip and I’m
very glad we got to explore more the west papua with you and your
It we are able to come back, I will certainly be in touch!!

(Thank you for a great birdwatching trip!)

All the best,
Alex & Terhy