What is the Best Time to Dive Raja Ampat – To be Underwater?

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raja-ampat-underwater-0You will find many websites, articles and agents that speak about the best time to dive in Raja Ampat. Many of them say you can dive there anytime. That is certainly true, but not the whole story.
Best Time Raja Ampat Sunrise
Even with poor visibility great photos are possible
Up Close with Corals & Fishes
For the diving alone, your time underwater, I agree. There is really no best season for being underwater in Raja Ampat.

The waters of Raja Ampat are unbelievably warm with an underwater temperature year round ranging from 28-30C / 82-86F depending on the dive site. This is true all year round.


Visibility varies from one day to the next throughout the year. There is no best time to dive Raja Ampat to ensure good visibility.


The best chance for getting good visibility is to join a liveaboard doing a round-trip within Raja Ampat that will work to get you to the best conditions during your trip. While the visibility may be bad in the north, it can be quite clear in the south, or green in the west and clear in the east and so on.


There is no reason to dive day after day in bad visibility unless your trip is one way and the ship must keep on a specific itinerary to reach its final destination on time, or you have chosen a land-based trip to a resort where your dives will be within a limited range.